How to Protect Yourself from Radiation

This information applies to our patients only!

There are some fears that radioactive poisons may be coming our way from the damaged nuclear power plant in Japan. Though experts feel risks are small, it is prudent to prepare ourselves for a worst case scenario. Remember, there is NO CURRENT DANGER. While many different radioactive substances can be released in nuclear meltdowns, the first one likely to reach the West Coast -- and the easiest to protect against -- is radioactive iodine. It can cause cancer to the thyroid, uterus, ovaries and prostate. Our first concern must be to protect against Radioactive Iodine.

Caesium and strontium isotopes (the next most dangerous products) are less likely to reach the USA and mainly pose a threat if they enter the food chain. There are also techniques to assist with these other toxins discussed below.

The main strategy to protect ourselves from radioactive iodine is to totally saturate our bodies with "good" iodine. When we are saturated with good iodine, much less Radioactive Iodine is absorbed into the body. This will prevent many cancers.

Most  (94.7% according to Dr. David Brownstein) of us have insufficient iodine in our systems. We can build up the iodine we need by taking regular doses of 12.5-50mg daily but that would take us 3 months to one year to reach protective levels.

So in this potential radiation crisis we should:

OBTAIN IODINE -- almost any form of iodine. It comes in many forms and, for now, get what you can because pharmacies may run out.  Iodoral, potassium iodine, Lugol's Solution or Solution 2, Prolamine iodine, are all useful. Even liquid Iodine can be painted over your body since it is absorbed through the skin. If a toxic cloud should approach the USA, then we recommend emergency measures to saturate your body with the protective Iodine.  DO NOT START TAKING THE IODINE NOW.

There are two contraindications to the use of Iodine:

1)  If you have goiter, hyperthyroidism, or swollen thyroid then taking large doses of Iodine is not recommended.

2) Those with known allergies to Iodine must not take any form of Iodine. Shellfish allergy is NOT the same as Iodine allergy.

You will need to take large amounts of supplemental iodine if a radioactive plume comes to the USA so make sure you have enough for each person in your household.

These are the age appropriate dosages to be taken every 3 days, starting 2 days prior to and continuing throughout exposure to the radioactive iodine plume.


0-1 months:            16 mg.

1 month to 3 years:  32 mg.

3-12 years:             64 mg.

12-18 years:  64 mg. OR if adult size then give adult dose

Adult dose:  130 mg doses.

*Pregnant and breast feeding women may safely take one dose which should be 2 days before any exposure.  Because radioactive iodine quickly gets into breast milk, CDC recommends that women exposed to radioactive iodine stop breastfeeding and feed their child baby formula or other food if it is available. If breast milk is the only food available for an infant, nursing should continue.

Preparation now, before there is any known danger:

•If you have enough Iodine available, you may safely start taking it immediately up to 50 mg range daily for adults. Adjust for children. This will start to fill the receptor sites for iodine in your system and you will be less vulnerable in the long run.

•Iodine sufficiency can be checked on a spot urine, please ask us to order one if you want to check this. 

•High dose iodine can cause various feelings of discomfort in a few people:  if you have any problems taking the iodine, you may find relief with chlorophyll perles.

SUPPLEMENTS            Vitamin C 1-2 grams daily or eat oranges or other fruit high in C.

            Take magnesium 100-600 mg day.

            Selenium- eat 4 Brazil nuts day.

            Zinc-15mg day.

            Vitamin D3 -- 5000 units per day minimum with Fermented Cod liver oil

            Take your anti-oxidants:   OPC-3, Alpha-lipoic acid, berries, etc.

            ZYFLAMEND (ginger and tumeric together).

            Chlorella or Spirulena supplements.

HERBS            Use Ginseng, Aloe, Dandelion or Red Clover as over-all cleansers.

            Medicinal mushrooms -- HOST DEFENSE.

            Use Turmeric powder in your foods. Any amount to taste.

FOODS            Drink extra pure water.

            Take sea salt in higher amounts than usual.

            Take Baking Soda drink daily (more to come on this).

            Eat kelp from clean sources.

            Sardines, Anchovies, olives, olive oil, miso soup, avocado, grass-fed meats and pasture raised eggs, berries, walnuts, sea vegies, aduki beans, Alaskan wild salmon (never farmed salmon) Ginger, leafy bitter greens like kale, arugula, parsley, spinach.

After any exposure, detoxification: 

Use therapeutic clays like bentonite clay (Gastrex) orally or as a bath

            Sweats with saunas (infra-red and other).

            Hot Epsom Salt baths.