Homeopathy for ASD

Exceptional Medicine for Exceptional Kids

Homeopathy is a gentle, yet very powerful, medicine for children on the autism spectrum that can produce exceptional changes in your child. Because it addresses the whole person in a holistic way, not only are the social, learning and behavioral problems typical in ASD children addressed, but homeopathy can address related issues such as SID/SPD, anxiety, OCD, anger, feelings of sadness, frustration, and being overwhelmed.

Stephen Shore, a nationally known presenter on ASD, has said, "when you've met one person with Asperger syndrome, you've met one person with Asperger syndrome!" Because a "one size fits all" approach isn't appropriate for ASD, it is essential to individualize treatment, and this is where homeopathy shines. Homeopathy treats the whole person. In doing so, it takes into account all of the factors that make up your special child's uniqueness. There is not one medicine in homeopathy for ASD, but there is one best medicine for your like-no-other child.

Hormone Balancing

For many patients, a well-selected homeopathic remedy provides clear benefit to their chief complaint as well as their general level of energy. There are some cases where issues remain about the vitality of the hormonal system which supports the patient's vitality. For a variety of reasons, our own internal hormonal environment may not function optimally, despite careful homeopathic treatment. In these cases, Dr. Gordon recommends, in addition to individualized nutritional balance, a hormonal assessment.

Menopause is a time where attention to hormonal systems can be particularly crucial. Legitimate scientific scrutiny and censure has succeeded in reducing the widespread use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) consisting of patented, synthetic, altered female hormones. At the same time, the field of bio-identical hormone development has pointed toward the possibility of safe hormone replacement that enhances quality of life issues, with none of the risks of the widely publicized HRT utilizing synthetic hormones.


We have become a nation of confused foragers, overwhelmed by the abundance of available food and food advice. Nutrition is a constantly evolving field of understanding, where even the best informed opinions must shift in response to new scientific findings. Ironically, the evolving world of nutritional science often supports a return to traditional patterns of eating whole, natural, unprocessed foods. Many of the food industry's "latest advances" turn out to be poor substitutes for natural choices. The wisdom of shopping around the edge of the market and only selectively visiting the middle aisles is borne out by accumulating nutritional studies.

Dr. Gordon takes a particular interest in adapting each individual's food preferences to their health issues and concerns to develop a strategy for nutritional balance. Culling from nutritionally focused periodicals as well as the general medical literature, she is able to apply current findings to individual patients.

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